Meet the Team! Lura Sanborn

Bitmoji of Lura Sanborn
What do you do at iLearnNH?

My role is to listen and stay in touch with schools to support their successful Canvas rollouts. I try to connect the supports and services that iLearnNH can offer or create with a partner school to help them meet (and exceed!) their Canvas goals.

Describe a favorite moment working with the iLearnNH team.

I love stories. (Makes sense, being a former librarian!) I love hearing how teachers are using technology, how someone’s childhood hamster once got lost and found, how someone is managing an overabundance of garden tomatoes, and all about that great yard sale find. Lucky me that so much of my job is listening to stories.

If you could design your perfect Saturday, what would it look like?

Outside recreation (kayak! hike! ski! just get me outside!) with loved one(s), enjoying chitchat and connection. Something nice and plant-y and nourishing to eat. Happy, snoozy, snuggly cats in the evening.

If you could spend three months learning something new, what would you choose?

A three-month deep-dive into the field of psychology, with an emphasis on group therapy and vulnerability.

It’s 2025. What is one way education is different for teachers or students?

I’d like to think we’re in nature more. That increasing our thoughtful use of technology brings us outdoors, together.

Most importantly... any pets? 

Two cats! Mo (left) looks like a fighter-- he's 20 pounds, missing a tooth, and has a clipped ear from the two years he lived in the forest. We call Smo (right) Smoky Predator. He loves going outside on a leash and leaping into bushes to catch mice and snakes. A perfect pair.  🐈🐈

Image of Lura Sanborn's cats snuggling