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iLearnNH is a grant-funded program that provides two tools free of charge to New Hampshire schools: Canvas Learning Management System and Zoom. iLearnNH also maintains a strong partnership with Discovery Education, another resource available to NH schools that allows teachers to pull ready-made content directly into Canvas. Schools that joined iLearnNH between 2020 and 2023 also have access to Kaltura Video Sharing.

The mission of iLearnNH is to support learners in New Hampshire by equipping educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to integrate the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). By connecting New Hampshire teachers and administrators, iLearnNH hopes to serve as a catalyst for meaningful collaboration and support for educators to share best practices in a K-12 environment.

While iLearnNH is funded by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) and works closely with Canvas, Zoom, and Discovery Education, iLearnNH is an independent team that operates as a part of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH). As an organization, we seek to expand what is possible in the classroom by combining the strengths of education technology with the power of an in-person learning community. We recognize the strengths and limitations of education technology tools, and we seek to provide the training and resources to help teachers harness the good and troubleshoot the difficult.

iLearnNH believes in education, educators, and the power of teachers and students to learn from and with one another.



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