Meet the Team! Lucy McIntire

Introduction to Lucy McIntire with bitmoji
What do you do at iLearnNH?

My role at iLearnNH is to help teachers find ways to use the iLearnNH suite of tools to help make their lives easier and their teaching more effective. I develop training resources and work with schools to deliver professional development that is meaningful to their community.

If you could design your perfect Saturday, what would it look like?

I like a nice, lazy morning – coffee and reading in bed with the cats. After a slow start to the day, I’d find myself in the mountains with my husband, either rock climbing or running on a beautiful ridgeline. Then I’d meet up with friends or family for dinner, followed by more cat cuddling at home!

If you could spend three months learning something new, what would you choose?

I’d either want to learn a new sport, like surfing, or do a Spanish immersion course to really increase my skills.

It’s 2025. What is one way education is different for teachers or students?

I hope that in a few years we will have realized how much we need to appreciate and celebrate our teachers for the tremendous amount of work they do. That means compensating them appropriately and treating them as professionals, not martyrs.  

Most importantly... any pets? 
I have two cats, Pierre and Topaz. They are both very good boys and best frenemies. Pierre is still a kitten, so he is always running around and playing with toys. Topaz, who is a year older than Pierre, mostly just watches Pierre or sleeps. They love to wrestle and chase each other around the house.

Image of Lucy's Cats