Meet the Team! Dawn Tobin

Introduction to Dawn Tobin with bitmoji
What do you do at iLearnNH?

All things tracking and coordination! I organize the processes and systems for iLearnNH to make sure we know who our partner schools are and where they are in the implementation and adoption process. I support all engagement and outreach in order to help reduce stress and increase efficiencies—anything to make the lives of the iLearnNH team and our partner schools easier.

Describe a favorite moment working with the iLearnNH team.

This is easy! It was when our first newsletter launched and arrived in inboxes across the state of New Hampshire. It was so uplifting and wonderful to see pictures of our team, the work we accomplished, the support around us (our Canvas Consultant Rory, the University of New Hampshire), and the stats showing Canvas usage for teachers and students in NH compiled so beautifully in one document. What a great way to start the new year!

If you could design your perfect Saturday, what would it look like?

It is 70 degrees and sunny and starts with a morning walk that leads me downtown to my favorite coffee spot (Emma at Kaffee Vonsolln!) I would then spend time at home with Pandora playing in the background and tinker around—cleaning up the yard, organizing (I can’t help myself!), meal planning for the week, and calling/catching up with a family member or friend. The afternoon would include visiting a favorite shop or store and then joining up with the boys in the evening for a good meal, movie, and/or board game!

If you could spend three months learning something new, what would you choose?

I’ve dreamed about or explored many different career paths during my 26 years as a certified educator and 19 years as a mom: nursing, K-12 school counselor, social worker, interior design, real estate, and fitness instructor. If I had three months to learn (and practice) something new, it would be around mind-body health, especially mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. I’d also love to add a certificate in Project Management to my resume to explore the other side of my work that I enjoy.

It’s 2025. What is one way education is different for teachers or students?

2025 is a big year for my family! Both of my sons will graduate, one from college and one from high school. My hope for them, and all students, is that they will be able to follow their wonder and passions to build an authentic life—to continue to be curious and learn and use education to design a life that is meaningful to them.

Most importantly... any pets? 

Of course! Mo (left) is a mama's boy who makes us all laugh when he drinks by scooping water into his paw. Hazel (right) is a tiny, playful little thing who has a sixth sense for finding even the smallest sun spot in the house.

Image of Dawn Tobin's cats