Meet the Team! Becca Van Horn

Bitmoji introduction to Becca Van Horn
What do you do at iLearnNH?

I work with the training team to help design and deliver professional development opportunities for New Hampshire educators, with a primary focus on building digital resources that support learning and outreach. But at the heart of it all I love making things. Any time I can tell a story with words and images, I’m there.

Describe a favorite moment working with the iLearnNH team.

The first time we were able to get into a school was magic. Not only was I able to see Rachel Sopko come alive teaching in the front of the classroom, but I was able to hear firsthand the creative, inspiring ways teachers are navigating really tough circumstances. I walked away feeling exhilarated, exhausted, and hopeful.

If you could design your perfect Saturday, what would it look like?

A morning meditation and journaling session followed by a long hike with friends and my two ridiculous dogs. At some point I would make something—music, art, or writing—and no perfect day would be complete without a good book and bowl of ice cream with sprinkles.

If you could spend three months learning something new, what would you choose?

Cello chopping! I’ve played the violin since I was a kid and am delighted by the new sounds I can make on the cello. A deep dive into yoga or 3D printing would be close seconds.

It’s 2025. What is one way education is different for teachers or students?

As a result of the pandemic, social-emotional learning (and unlearning) takes center stage. Schools across the globe recognize the need to teach both students and teachers the skills needed to process and regulate emotions, challenge assumptions and beliefs, engage in thoughtful discord, and support one another as we do the tricky work of being human.

Most importantly... any pets? 

Dogs are my actual favorite. Pip (left) croons like Chewbacca when he plays and delights everyone with the ferocity of his tail waggling. He's obsessed with his  brother and every squirrel he's ever met. Ronin (right) has been compared to a wise, intrepid sea captain haunted by his lost whale. He enjoys digging holes and long walks/sniffs (as long as it's before 4 p.m. when the ghosts come out).

Image of two dogs snuggling